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A team of researchers from the Harvard Astrophysical Center discovered a exoplanet that has a sky with three suns, similar to the famous planet Tatooine of the science fiction saga Star Wars.

say LTT 1445 A b, is probably a rocky planet and it takes only five days to orbit its star. That is, a year in this world, located 22 light years from Earth, lasts only that period of time.

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Its orbit so close to its main star explains why its surface It has an average temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, comparable to a preheated oven, states NASA in a release.

"While the planet itself remains in what is probably a stable orbit around its own star, orbits even at a greater distance, two twin stars that are in orbit closed one around the other ", specify the details of the agency.

The three stars in the system LTT 1445 They are red dwarfs, colder than our sun. LTT 1445 A b It is the second planet closest to the orbiting star discovered so far.

To find it, the researchers used the "transit" method, which detects the drop in brightness of the stars every time a planet passes in front of it.

This exoplanet, about 1.4 times larger than the Earth, was found using data from the TESS space telescope.

It is not the first three-star system that meets at least one planet. Next Centauri, our nearest neighbor star, orbits the Alpha Centauri A and B. It is only 4.25 light years from Earth and has a small planet Proxima b, which orbits it in 11 days.

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