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KOMPAS.comDongson culture is the term for the Bronze Age culture in Southeast Asia.

The name Dongson is taken from the name of an area in the Song Hong valley, Vietnam.

Dong Son is the name of the first prehistoric metal culture research site located in the Song Hong Valley, Vietnam.

This culture developed in Indochina during the transition from Mesolithic and Neolithic.

This culture eventually developed to the archipelago and is known as the bronze culture.

Dongson culture itself is supported by the Deutro Malays or Young Malays, which in its development spread to Indonesia in the period 500 BC to 300 BC.

The distribution route is through the western route which crosses Vietnam, Malaysia, Sumatra and spreads to the archipelago.

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The bronze culture that developed in Indonesia is quite a lot of influence from the bronze culture in the Indochina region or mainland Southeast Asia.

As for the distribution effect Dongson culture is in the case of the manufacture of metal goods, especially bronze.

As a result, many metal objects such as nekaras, vessels, figs, funnel axes, and beads were found, all made of bronze.

In Indonesia, evidence of its spread is found in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Sumbawa, Rote, Kei, and Selayar.

The Dongson culture resulted in a civilized system of agriculture and animal husbandry.

The result of this culture is the ability to grow a variety of crops such as rice, as well as raising buffalo and pigs.

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In addition, this culture is also known as sailors who sail in the China Sea using long boats.

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This culture is also familiar with science, one of which is the astronomical system that makes it reliable in sailing and also the skill of making boats.

This is also the basis of classical civilization in the territory of Indonesia.

In terms of belief, animism and dynamism are their belief systems.

Many items in the form of nekara are a means of worshiping ancestral spirits because many are found around the tomb.


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