NASA Is Preparing to Test Boeing’s Starliner Unmanned Space Capsule

PRIANGAN ZONE – Astronauts and officials NASA on Wednesday said that capsule space made Boeing Co that is Starliner ready to launch without you this week to the International Space Station, a long-delayed test mission meant to show the aerospace giant can safely fly humans in space.

Capsules Boeing CST-100 Starlinera chewing gum-shaped astronaut pod, has suffered a lot of setbacks in recent years.

A software failure in 2019 halted its debut attempt to dock on the space station. Last year’s fuel valve problem added a further nine months of delays.

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At 6:54 p.m. EDT (2254 GMT) on Thursday at the Kennedy Space Center NASA of Florida, Starliner will make another attempt to launch to the space station without an astronaut on board, aiming to deliver much-needed success Boeing as a company, seeking to emerge from successive crises in its jet aircraft business and elsewhere in its aerospace and defense units.

“We wouldn’t be here now if we weren’t sure that this would be a successful mission,” said Butch Wilmore, astronaut. NASA who will likely fly with your first flight Starliner in the future, told reporters on Wednesday, quoted by from Reuters.

“We are ready. The spacecraft is ready,” he added.

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“The team has worked really hard to get ready for this,” added Kathy Lueders, head of space operations NASAunderscores that the flight Starliner is a mission testing.

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