NASA observes a meteorite that could "approach" to Earth on Saturday night – Rezo Nòdwès


«1999 KW4 It approaches the Earth on Saturday evening and will be visible until May 27th. Discovered, 20 years ago, an asteroid will never be found on Saturday too " close Of the Earth in 2019, scientists pointed out. Remember that in 2013, a 55 foot diameter rock fell in Russia

NASA is raising funds to maintain constant vigilance to ensure that a disaster does not extinguish human beings

Friday, May 24, 2019 (( – This distance we say " be near the Earth It is actually estimated at 3.2 million kilometers from our planet.

Warning! However, according to NASA, this proximity makes this meteorite " potentially dangerousis " although it should move 3.2 million kilometers from our planet. In any case, it will be the smallest distance recorded this year in this type of space event.

The official name of the asteroid is 1999 KW4has the form of a chestnut (labapen in Creole) and travels around 50,000 km / hour around the Sun: it takes 188 days to orbit the Earth, as we know, it is 365 days to do this same route around the Sun.

On Saturday, dozens of telescopes around the world will be directed specifically at this meteorite to try to gather all possible information and, if necessary, prevent this danger, according to the European Space Agency (ESA), which released the first images of the asteroid.

NASA has developed a system to detect at least 90% of asteroids over the diameter of 460 feet because she thinks it's the best way to protect the planet. KW4 rock from 1999 is 10 times bigger.

According to NASA, this type of event occurs every 60 years, but on the other hand, three major impacts on planet Earth have been observed during the last century. Closer to home in 2013, a 55-foot-diameter rock had fallen into Russia.


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