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NASA presents “Artemis agreements” for international lunar missions – CAMEROON MAGAZINE – CAMEROON INFO

NASA today unveiled a list of 10 principles for a set of bilateral international agreements for participation in the lunar exploration program called Artemis.

Artemis agreements would apply to missions to send astronauts to the lunar surface as early as 2024.

NASA has been discussing international participation in the Artemis Moon program for months. At a conference last October, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said, “We need all the international partners to accompany us to the moon” .eval (ez_write_tag ([[728,90], ’Africadaily_news-box-3 ′,’ ezslot_5 ′, 102, ’0 ′,’ 0 ′]));

The first two moon walkers are almost certain to be American, but at the October International Astronautical Congress, Bridenstine hinted that astronauts from other countries would have a chance based on “contribution levels” to the U.S.-led effort.

Today, Bridenstine said in a tweet that the bilateral agreements “would establish a common vision and a set of principles for all international partners who are associated with the return of humanity to the moon”.

Bilateral agreements incorporating the principles are under discussion with potential partners, but no agreement has yet been concluded.

Space News quoted Mike Gold, NASA acting assistant administrator for international and interagency relations, saying that the bilateral agreements would not cover activities relating to the bridge, an outpost that NASA and its partners plan to assemble. in lunar orbit. Gateway operations would instead be managed by an extension of the intergovernmental agreement for the International Space Station.

Bridenstine and other NASA executives have said that early Artemis missions are unlikely to use the bridge.

The space station partners have already discussed their potential roles on the bridge – and these discussions should also extend to Artemis. However, heads of space agencies in Russia, NASA’s most important partner on the space station, have criticized the approach to the Artemis.eval agreements (ez_write_tag ([[970,90], ’Africadaily_news-medrectangle-4 ′,’ ezslot_8 ′, 127, ’0 ′,’ 0 ′]));

“The principle of the invasion is the same, whether it is the moon or Iraq: the creation of a ‘coalition of pleasant people’ (alternatively, a ‘coalition of volunteers’) is initiated, then, bypassing the “The UN and even NATO if anyone is in doubt, looking forward to the goal,” said Roscosmos chief executive Dmitry Rogozin, complained last week in a tweet. “But that will only result in a new Iraq or an Afghanistan.”

ESA has its own vision of international cooperation on lunar missions, known as the Moon Village concept. Meanwhile, an organization known as the Open Lunar Foundation has proposed a $ 5 billion public-private plan to settle the moon.

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World news – EN – NASA presents “Artemis agreements” for international lunar missions


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