NASA presents the latest human capsule tests for Mars

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CAIRO, November 8 (Reuters) – NASA unveiled a new extraordinary image of the latest test for the Orion capsule that could take humans to Mars, and the launch is expected next year on an unmanned mission around the moon.

Image of NASA

According to the Daily Mail website, NASA will use the Orion capsule in everything from astronauts to the International Space Station for use in deep space missions on Mars.

Spatial capsule test

The latest tests have seen the collaboration of NASA with the US Navy to verify the accuracy of the procedures and devices to be used to recover the Orion spacecraft after its launch after deep space exploration.

NASA test

On-board tests were used USM John P. Murtha To restore the test version of the Orion capsule at sunset in the Pacific Ocean, tests were performed during the day and night in various maritime states.

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