NASA proposes to send its name to the red planet


NASA March 2020


In 1966, Neil Armstrong was the first man of humanity to tread the lunar soil. Almost sixty years later, NASA offers us the opportunity to send our name to Mars.

If the colonization of the red planet is not for now, its process is activated. From 21 March 2019, the government agency of the US civil space program, NASA, offers the public to leave a trace on the star next to the Earth through Mars 2020, the rover specially developed for the event. Weighing 1,000 kilos, the boat will embark a chip in which all the names and names of the participants will be recorded.

A nanoscopic chip on Mars

The process will be carried out by Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which will use an electron beam to engrave the silicone part. The result will be nanoscopic since each line of text will not exceed one thousandth of the width of a human hair (which, remember, about 75 nanometers). So on the chip there will be no less than a million names! The latter will be photographed during installation.

For those who try the experiment, it is sufficient to go to the NASA site, enter there his name, his name and his country (after creating an account for the first time). You can then retrieve your "boarding card". A regular traveler section also allows you to collect points.

Objective: February 2021

Before reaching its goal around February 2021, the robot will aim to detect any traces of microbial life (past or present), but also to collect climatic and geological data. The goal is to pave the way for future missions by land settlers.

If the project is not the first of its kind for NASA (it had already proposed to send our names to Mars through Insight and Orion), this initiative of the agency allows once again to involve the general public in the conquest of the space. To be part of the adventure, the boarding gates are open until 30 September 2019. The departure of the spacecraft is scheduled for July 2020 from the base of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Source: NASA.


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