NASA recognizes Peru with the APOD result for the impressive photograph of the Milky Way taken at the Salar de Uyuni


A pride for the Peruvian people. The young man Jheison Huerta, Christmas of Huaraz, was the winner of an important recognition of the NASA. The astrophotographer was awarded the Astronomy Picture of the day from 22 October for his impressive photograph of Milky Way. The image, entitled as "Reflections of the night sky from the largest mirror in the world" Show the beauty of our galaxy.

In an interview given to We are, the young man commented that the photograph in question was taken in Salar de Uyuni, the natural landscape located in Bolivia, and it was composed of 15 unique photographs which led to view. "For 3 years I tried to take this picture. Only on the third attempt I managed to find the ideal conditions " he recalled Vegetable garden during the interview

the APOD Award It is a recognition that provides the NASA and the Michigan University of Technology to "a different image or photo of our universe, with a brief explanation written by an official astronomer". The call is completely open to the public is Vegetable garden He is the first Peruvian to receive this result.

The compatriot shared the technical details of his teams, including a camera Full frame Canon 5D Mark IV with lens 16-35mm f2.8. Furthermore, the young man said that his next goal is to be able to capture in the image a comet or solar eclipse in La Cordillera Blanca de Ancash, Peru.



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