NASA reveals a 360 ° composition with the latest photos of Mars


Washington, United States.

the NASA has developed a 360-degree visual composition of the surface of Mars with the last 354 photographs obtained by opportunity, the space robot which he gave as "dead" in February after fifteen years of mission.

The images, which were visited by Efe on Wednesday, were taken with the panoramic camera of the device between May 13th and June 10th last year, just before the device lost contact with the checkpoint after a strong sandstorm , said the space agency in a statement.

The composition shows the traces of the last path taken by Opportunity, from the outside of the Endeavor crater, to what was its last known position, before the storm.

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Despite the large number of snapshots that make up the final assembly, it is possible to see many empty spaces that correspond to the positions that the robot could not photograph in its last service at NASA.

It was the same June 10 when, while exploring the valley of Perseverance, the device was surprised by a great sandstorm that struck the region and obscured the Martian sky, so the explorer, who was fed by solar energy , He went into hibernation.

The agency no longer heard from the robot until it was spotted by the Earth, using a high resolution camera, 107 days after the storm.

After several attempts to reactivate "Oppy", as the robot was popularly known, on February 13 the NASA He chose to give the device "dead".

Since the opportunity landed on Mars in 2004, it made some remarkable discoveries that the planet, 4,000 million years ago, met the conditions necessary to host the life of mesophilic organisms, although it has also shown to have an acid environment some time later.



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