NASA scientists claim to have discovered evidence of a parallel universe

NASA scientists doing research in Antarctica caught a particle called ‘Neutrino tau’, characterized by traveling at a speed close to that of light through which the existence of a parallel universe close to ours would be verified.

The finding was made from the study of frozen waste at the South Pole, research made possible thanks to the use of the Antarctic Transitive Boost Antenna (ANITA). This antenna sought to detect the origin of the rapid bursts of radio (FRB), which could become an indication of the existence of this parallel universe.

The FRB they emit an energy a million times more powerful than anything on the face of the Earth and their capture time is reduced to 0.15 milliseconds, reason why a clear environment is needed to be able to determine all its components.

This is how when finding the neutrino tau, which accompanies the FRB, led researchers to argue that this particle travels in time. They also postulated that in that parallel universe, the laws of physics could be opposite to what we know. More precisely a world where time goes backwards.

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