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The Nasa space probe "Parker Solar Probe" transmitted the first image from the inside of the solar atmosphere: the crown. This is reported by the US space agency on its website, on which the spectacular recording was also published.

The picture was therefore already on November 8th. During the exhibition, the probe was 27 million kilometers from the surface of the sun. The image shows two violent streams of sun particles close up. They shine brilliantly in the picture from the left.

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The bright object to the left of the center of the image is the planet Mercury, the dark spots are the result of image corrections.

The "solar probe Parker" is a space probe for the exploration of the sun with a focus on the study of its outer layer of the atmosphere, the corona. The probe was named for the first time in the history of NASA for a living scientist: the US astrophysicist Eugene Parker.

In November, the "Parker solar probe" approached the sun with a record distance of about 24 million kilometers, surpassing a record set in 1976 by the German-American "Helios-2" for the second time.

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The results of the mission should promote our understanding of the sun. Among other things, the researchers want to know why temperatures of up to 5.6 million degrees Celsius prevail in the corona of the sun, while the surface is only 5500 warm degrees.

In addition, the "Parker solar probe" will help scientists predict the occurrence of solar storms. This should also be useful in the future for the prediction of dangerous phenomena.



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