NASA’s Perseverance rover captures a unique rock formation in the “ancient lake bed” on Mars


15 Jul 2021 08:28 GMT

The video of the finding was published on Thursday on the device’s official Twitter account.

NASA’s Perseverance rover sent images of a rare rock formation found in an “ancient lake bed” to Earth that were published this Thursday in the official count of the device on Twitter.

“Take a look at this piece of rock I found: it looks like some kind of garden cobblestone, and it’s probably an exposed bedrock, […] Materials like this, from the early days of this ancient lake bed, can help to understand what this lake was like, “says the description accompanying the video.

Rover I arrive to Mars on February 18 after a six-month trip through space. It landed in the Jezero crater, which, according to scientists, was once flooded with water and was home to a river delta.

Perseverance is accompanied by the Integrity helicopter, which on April 19 performed the first controlled flight of an aircraft off Earth. Earlier this month, full his ninth flight on Mars.

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