NASA’s Perseverance Throws Trash on Mars

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United States Aeronautics and Space Administration’s cruiser (NASA), Serverance found a piece of trash in Mars. Uniquely, the garbage actually comes from the Serverance department itself.

This debris is known to be a thermal material used by NASA to protect the Perseverance spacecraft from extreme weather as it travels to Mars as well as when it enters the Martian atmosphere.

“My team has seen something unexpected: This is part of the thermal blanket they think may have come from my landing stage, the rocket-powered jet pack that sent me down on landing day in 2021,” NASA wrote from the rover Perseverance account on Wednesday. (15/6).

A question that haunts astronomers is how debris such as foil can move into the region in Mars’ Jezero Crater, about two kilometers from the landing site in the Martian desert.

“Did this piece land here after that, or was it blown here?” they asked.

The Perseverance rover landed on Mars in February 2021. On its way, the spacecraft carrying the rover dumped various instruments and objects, including thermal shields, supersonic parachutes, and a rocket-powered crane that served to lower it to the ground, as quoted as saying Mashable.

The discovery of this garbage on Mars deserves attention. In 1966, a number of countries signed treaties on the exploration and use of outer space.

Launch BGR, this agreement basically agrees that space exploration will be carried out for the common good. The agreement also says all parties will avoid contamination of space and dangerous celestial bodies. Obviously, that includes not allowing a lot of human trash to accumulate on Mars.

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However, many argue that the agreement is not enough. The Perseverance discovery confirms any spacecraft we put on Mars, or any other planet, will leave some sort of trash behind.

On the other hand, Mars is one of the main planets that are the object of human research. Launch Spacehumans first sent a probe to Mars in 1965 named NASA Mariner 4 which sent 21 photos from Mars to Earth.

In total, NASA has sent 11 probes to Mars since the mission. In addition to NASA, there was the Soviet Union’s MARS 3 probe which landed in 1973, the European Space Agency (ESA) probe in 2003, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (2014), and China’s Tianwen-1 which landed on Mars in 2021.

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