Nash: Losing Irving is very difficult, but the Nets still have a great chance of winning

Original title: Nash: Losing Irving is very difficult, but the Nets still have a great chance of winning

On October 15, Beijing time, reports from the US media said that in an interview with reporters today, Nets coach Steve Nash talked about the impact of Kyrie Irving’s absence on the team.

Earlier this week, the Nets officially announced that Irving will not train with the team or participate in games until the New York City epidemic prevention regulations are fulfilled. According to informed sources, Irving currently has no plans to be vaccinated.

“It will be very difficult to lose a talented star like Irving,” Nash said. “But the Nets are still full of talent and we still have a great chance of winning.”

“Our roster is built on the basis of the Big Three,” Nash continued, “so the status of other players must be raised by one level under the current circumstances.”

So what is the impact on the lineup rotation? In response, Nash responded, “We will explore some big lineups, and we will also try some small lineups.”

Irving conducted a live broadcast on social media on Thursday. In the live broadcast, Irving described the reasons for the refusal of vaccination.

So, did Nash watch Irving live? “I didn’t watch Irving’s live broadcast yesterday. Unless things change, I’ll say everything about him,” Nash said. “Now I want to focus on moving forward, on our existing team, on Solve the problem at hand.”

Earlier, the Nets star James Harden also expressed similar views. He expressed respect for Irving’s beliefs, but he still has to fight for the championship.Return to Sohu to see more

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