Nastal as ct sbohem. Branko Casillas officially ended his career

Porto’s Iker Casillas puts his hands on the Liverpool hit during the League’s quarterfinal duel.

| photo: AP


Today is one of the longest and even the warmest days in sports life. He came up with four goodbyes, Casillas wrote on the social sites, and spent most of his career in Real Madrid.

This is the way we go, and the people that surround us. Where it takes us, bad only for work and strength. I think he can honor him without saying that my journey is exactly the one I dreamed of, Casillas wrote in a long farewell letter.

With Real, he won a number of titles in the ele with those triumphs in the Champions League. After 16 years he went to Porto, where he completed the last five seasons. As the captain, he led the Spanish national team to the title of world champion in 2010 and thus to triumphs at the European ampion in 2008 and 2012. He played 167 matches for the Spanish national team, his national record being broken last year by Sergio Ramos.

The best goal in the history of Real and men’s football to nm piel as nine years. Growing up here, he wore a jersey for 25 years and became one of the most successful capitals of all time, paying tribute to Real on his website.

In a poll conducted by the International Federation of Football Historians and Statistics (IFFHS), Casillas was scored the best world goal of the year and finished second to Italian Gianluigi Buffon in 2012 in the vote for the best goalkeeper of the 21st century.

Before the time, Casillas intended to run for president of the Panland Football Association, but eventually changed his mind. According to the Polish media, he will drill into Real and become an adviser to the President of the Blho Ballet, Florentin Preze.



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