Natalia Bunke celebrates her special anniversary in Dubai with her husband Edgar: the moment was unexpected and very exciting

The couple also mentioned this day this year – true, truly impressive and quite symbolic, as they are also currently in public in Dubai.

A memorable moment that happened two years ago when Edgar knelt on the road, Natalia shared again and added that it is fun to mark such a date at the place where the two of them started their journey.

“It’s a really important and memorable day on our couple’s journey, it started here in Dubai. 2020.01.13 Edgar Knocked Eidej on the road. The moment was unexpected and very exciting. 2 years later we are already a husband and wife and it is amazing to mark this memorable date for us here. I love you very much, “Natalija pointed out next to the photo.

Engagement and first time in public

The couple got engaged in early 2020 in the United Arab Emirates.

“And I said YES! A moment we will not forget for a lifetime. A taxi ride with a trembling heart, and my flair like a real woman’s witch. I love you so much, Edgar. Our best friends have witnessed wonderful moments [Simona ir Jonas Nainiai – „Delfi“]. PS I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful ring. I share my happiness with you and I want to scream with joy, ”the singer wrote next to the photos on the social network.

The couple first appeared in public in 2018. at the end of January, on the red carpet at the MAMA Awards, after half a year of friendship. This time, Natalia and Edgar did not hide their excitement and shirked the journalists’ straightforward question, “Are you a couple?” Nevertheless, they eventually pretended to be officially together.

“It simply came to our notice then. But later we talked to both Edgar and the girls in the band that it wasn’t the age to play cat and mouse games. He will then take pictures of the fugitives. Who needs it? ”- Delfi 2018 Natalia spoke in January.

Edgar himself then assured him that he was feeling well, and when asked if he had slept peacefully before the event, he replied that he had rested all night.

“I understand him, it is really difficult for him with a person like me, but we have been together for half a year, I hope we will stay longer,” Natalia laughed.

The wedding ceremony took place in Lithuania and Mallorca

The couple’s marriage in Vilnius in September last year took place only surrounded by the closest people. During the ceremony, the songs were donated by the performer Liepa. As the couple approached the altar, she performed Ed Sheeran’s ballad Perfect.

During the week, the InŽi fashion house sewed a wedding dress for the private ceremony for the singer, who is famous for creating impressive stage costumes.

“It simply came to my notice then. I surrendered to their hands and let them do what they want with me. “I am not the embodiment of modesty, I can afford the image they have created, and it is like this,” Natalia revealed.

Performer Natalia Bunke The bride and groom, who exchanged white gold rings for a second time in a cozy ceremony in Vilnius, married their beloved Edgar Eidejus. The couple visited the largest island in the Balearic archipelago all week with a group of friends and relatives, including well-known representatives of the entertainment world. According to Natalia, it was planned that 20 people would go on the festive trip, but as the flight approached, the list of guests kept filling up and reached 27.

On the wedding day, the couples waited for a photo session, followed by an exciting wedding ceremony. For the holiday, the whole company, having stayed in a villa with a pool for a week, moved into an impressively sized mansion.

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