National artists dart opening 2020, visual arts, literature, performing arts

Opening of the 2020 National Artist of the Year, Visual Arts, Literature, Performing Arts, a total of 12 persons “Suda Chuen-e-Rungruedee Pengcharoen” won the International Thai Music Awards.

Mr. Itthiphol Khunpluem, Minister of Culture And Vice President of the National Culture Commission Announcement of selection results 12 National Artists of the Year honored are:

1. Visual arts: 4 persons

  • Professor Emeritus Kamjorn Soonpongsri (Painting)
  • Mr. Ammrit Chusuwan (Painting – Mixed Media)
  • Mr. Prapakorn Vatanakul (Contemporary architecture)
  • Mr. Sam Rueng Daeng Niewnoi (Fine Art – Wood Carving)

2. Branches of literature, consisting of 2 people

  • Mr. Anek Navikmool
  • Ms. Orasom Suthisakorn

3. Performing arts, 6 people, including

  • Mr. Prateep Suksopha (Folk songs
  • Mr. Pramet Bunyachai (Dance-Khon)
  • Mr. Pib Kong Laithong (Thai music)
  • Suda Chuen-ee (Thai International Music – Singing)
  • Mrs. Rungruedee Pengcharoen (Thai International Music – Singing)
  • Mr. Pong Asawinikul (Sound System Director – Creative and Sound Recorder)

For those who are praised Be a national artist Will have an audience Receive a royal needle And a shield of honor And receive compensation of 25,000 baht per month throughout the life period

There is also medical expenses. According to the royal decree on welfare payments relating to medical treatment mutatis mutandis Except having the right to withdraw from other agencies To withdraw from that agency first If withdrawal from that agency is lower than the right under the Royal Decree To have the right to withdraw the parts that are still missing The limit is not more than 1 hundred thousand baht per fiscal year.

At the same time, there is also a valuable aid in the event of disasters. Not more than 50,000 baht per visit. The value of the visit during illness or on important occasions as much as actually paid, not more than 3,000 baht per time and in the event of death. Will receive a funeral service allowance of 20,000 baht per person and a grant for the preparation of the publication of works upon death, as much as the actual amount paid, not exceeding 150,000 baht per person, etc.

Mr. Itthiphol revealed the criteria for selecting national artists, consisting of 3 big criteria as follows:

Criterion 1. There are 6 qualifications for a national artist:

  • Is a Thai national and still lives on the day of the announcement of honor
  • Is a competent person Proficient And has outstanding works recognized by the art industry in that field
  • To be a creator and developer of arts in a field that has been recognized.
  • Is a promoter, broadcast, or is an art model in the field that has been praised
  • A virtuous person, dedicated and sacrificed for art.
  • Be a contributor to society and humanity

Criterion 2. The value of the national artist’s art standards.

The work must convey the values ​​of goodness, truth, beauty, emotion and spiritual value. Expresses ideas Build the power of knowledge and develop intelligence to humanity. Causing an emotional shock And promote imagination And is a unique creative work Noble There is a creative strategy. Not showing intention or intentionally copying or copying other people’s work, both openly and secretly

Criterion 3. Publication and recognition of the value of the work of national artists.

National Artist Nominees Works must be published and accepted. The value of the work as follows is a work that has been displayed. Transmitted or published to the public on a continuous basis. Evidence is referenced as a work to demonstrate an idea Significant development of art And as an award winning performance Or a regional, national, or international honor Which has a standard and accepted consideration process

This national artist selection will be selected in 3 areas:

1. The field of visual arts refers to art that can be seen by the eye, divided into fine and applied arts. Fine arts include painting, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and photography. Industrial design And exquisite arts etc.

2. The branch of literature refers to artfully composed works of prose and poetry. There is an important component Emotional pain Creative Imagination and strategies offer interesting stories.

3. The field of performing arts refers to the art that is performing. That can be both fine arts Applied arts Including folk arts, which are divided into 3 categories: 1. Thai music, Thai dance and folk art 2. International music and international dance 3. Movies and drama.

Since the inception of the National Artist Project in 1984, there have been national artists. From 1985 to 2019, 319 people were honored and in 2020 the number 12 people, a total of 331 people, of which 154 have died, 16 are still alive.

This Ministry of Culture By the Department of Cultural Promotion Will make a letter of honor to the Royal Majesty the King of the Year 2020 to bring all 12 national artists to the audience, receive a pin and a shield of honor on the day and time according to His Majesty the King.

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