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The National Front for the Family in conjunction with the Federation of Private Schools of the West AC, the Council of Parents Conscientious Objectors, the Institute Lideres del Siglo AC and Valora Conciencia en Medios AC released the results of the review of the books free textbooks from the Ministry of Public Education and books used in private education, with the aim of identifying ideological content in the education of students from preschool to secondary and telesecundaria.

The analysis work will be delivered to the Secretary of Public Education, Delfina Gómez Álvarez; to the Secretary of Education Jalisco, Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes and to the rest of the holders of Education in the country.

At a press conference, Jaime Cedillo, coordinator of the FNF in Jalisco called on the Ministry of Public Education, “to stop relying on ideological assumptions that contravene the right of parents to educate their children according to their convictions and not they contribute to the integral development of children and young people ”.

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He asked that scientific elements be integrated into textbooks and ideological contents be eradicated. And they requested the participation of parents as first responsible for the education of their children.

The analysis was carried out with each of the textbooks, pointing to the page that presents the ideological content and the results obtained according to the FNF are: “There is a high content of Gender Ideology assumptions embodied in the textbooks, from the material for students from preschool to high school and telesecundaria, especially in the books on Civic and Ethics Education, History, Spanish and Biology, little formative content in human values ​​with controversial content for today’s society, “they indicated.

“It defines human sexuality in terms of social constructions that have nothing to do with science but only with a set of ideas without foundation, even motivating experiences with both sexes, as in page 109 of the Science and Technology book of 1st year of secondary school, where he ensures that you can prefer to be with a boy or a girl, or on page 132 of the same book where the Gender Unicorn presents supposed sex options at birth and the diversity of possibilities to live sexuality indistinctly with men and women regardless of your gender. ”

They pointed out in the press conference as part of the results that “the natural right that parents have to educate their children on issues of sexuality is abolished.”

“It reduces sexuality to genitality, giving students the right to exercise their freedom to live their sexual life as they prefer, only practicing ‘safe sex’ through the use of contraceptive methods. On page 41 of the Science book Natural sixth grade primary school that promotes sexual precocity in minors “, they indicated.

They criticize the phrases used “more condom less worry” directed to children of 10 and 11 years. And that the use of contraceptives is promoted as a measure to practice “safe sex” and that “encourages students to perform erotic sexual practices through the fallacy of developing a comprehensive sexuality with practices such as masturbation.”


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