National forests. Blooper in the promotional clip. This bird does not occur in Poland

The action “For the forest, for people” aims to increase the company’s image and show the care it provides National forests they favor flora and fauna in the country.

Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka and Maja Włoszczowska were invited to participate in the latest film presenting Polish forests, who talk about the care that must be taken into the forests in order to benefit from their operation for the next centuries.

In the recording, in one of the scenes, a bird flies over the surface of the water, watched by a well-known ornithologist from the Warsaw zoo, Dr. Andrzej Kruszewicz. The bird presented in the photo is a yellow-headed scallop. It is found in Mexico and Central America, including Cuba and other Caribbean islands, but not in Poland.

In an interview with TVN, he explains that choosing this bird is not a mishap. – It was such a reference to my travels around the world. It was possible to stay with domestic birds. (…) There was no other bird that would match the light, and we decided that since I say that I travel around the world, but Polish nature makes the greatest impression on me and I am committed to its protection, we can leave this bird behind – admits Kruszewicz.

In the statement of the State Forests Information Center of April 22, 2021, we read that the state treasury allocated 492 thousand zlotys to the film production. zloty.

Source: TVN

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