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[Tailu Shaanxi Directly]The “14th National Games” road cycling race will start early on Sunday (26th). On this day, there will be an individual road race commonly known as the “big group”. After pressing down on the crowds, the Hong Kong team won the second gold medal of this year. The perfect burial, not only continued the cycling team’s record of “the medals in the road race” since the National Games in early 1997, but also won The first gold medal in the history of the women’s road team.

Due to landslides and damage to the track caused by the rain recently, the “large group” track was temporarily changed yesterday. The women’s competition scheduled to be held tomorrow will be held at 2 o’clock this afternoon. The Hong Kong team had an accident in the women’s team time trial yesterday. Leung Baoyi, Pang Yao and Yang Qianyu were injured in the “fried car”. The lack of a day’s rest will affect their performance to a certain extent.

The women’s individual road race circled 3 laps, a total length of 121 kilometers, and 74 people participated. ) Armored, the race was carried out under rainy conditions. Yizhonggang will stay behind the main car group in the early stages. After completing one lap, Jiangsu Shen Shanrong broke through with a single horse, but only led by 30 seconds, and was soon by the big group. On catch, the race entered the middle stage, the rain turned dense, but the Hong Kong will fight the game without hindrance. In the end, the main car group crossed the line together in 3 hours, 04 minutes and 42 seconds. With a strong sprint, Li Siying beat Yunnan Changyue and Liaoning Sun Jiajun to win. The gold medal. This is the second gold medal and the seventh medal of the Hong Kong delegation this year. It is also the first historic gold medal of the Hong Kong Women’s Road Team in the National Games. Another Hong Kong player Yang Qianyu ranked 5th for two consecutive terms. As for Liang Baoyi, Pang Yao, Liang Yingyi and Tong Sen, they ranked 38th, 57th, 65th and 69th respectively.

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Li Siying crossed the line to celebrate.
Li Siying
Yang Qianyu won the 5th place for two consecutive years.

Since the Hong Kong team participated in the National Games in 1997, the past six cycling teams have won medals in road races. In 1997, 2001, 2005, and 2009, Jinbao won 3 golds and 1 bronze in road individual races. Zhang Jingle won silver and bronze in the road individual time trials in 2013 and 2017. Meng Zhaojuan also picked silver in the road individual races last year. This year, Li Siying has made a big breakthrough and won gold. The Hong Kong delegation has completed this year’s National Games and won a total of 2 golds and 5 bronzes. Among them, the cycling team won 2 golds and 2 bronzes and became a big winner again.

“The 14th National Games” Hong Kong Team Medal Winner

gold medal
Li Hui Shi – Women’s Track Cycling Race
Li Siying – Women’s Individual Road Cycling Race

bronze medal
Liang Jiaru – Track Cycling Men’s All-Around
Li Hui Shi – Women’s Track Cycling Kailin Race
Liu Mingming-Karate man figure
Cai Junyan, Yang Zijia, Zhang Xiaolun – Fencing Men’s Foil Team Competition
Jiang Mingan – Women’s Fencing Individual Epee Competition

Text: Peng Queqi

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