National: the Jogis celebrate the 3-2 victory against the Netherlands in the European qualifying championship – football


After the 2014 World Cup, we didn't have much to celebrate with our national team.

The last twelve months have been really terrible. As an outsider, Jogi Löw's rebuilt team went to Holland. And then on Sunday we have a fantastic football evening in Amsterdam. A magic ending, a half pause time, a happy ending with the final winner.

3: 2!

Our most exciting victory from Brazil

The Löw national coach demands excitement and speed before the game. He gets both from his team.

15 minutes: Kroos sends Schulz to the left, who lays down on Sané. Because de Ligt slips, Sané suddenly has an advantage and hits the ball in the long corner! 1: 0a

34 minutes: Rüdiger's long ball started from Gnabry. He moves, leaving behind the giant defender Dijk and Dumfries. Splendid 18-meter Schlenzer in the corner – a dream gate!

In the first half, Oranje fans blamed their team.

The RTL expert Jürgen Klinsmann (54) in the break: "Better you can't play half."

The great thrill in the 2nd half

Problem: in the second half the fracture of the German elf begins (without Hummels, Boateng and Müller rejected, without the sick Reus) to falter. It wobbles under the growing pressure of the Dutch.

48th minute: After a corner de Ligt extends a cross cross from Depay's head to the farthest corner – only 1: 2.

63rd minute: Depay gets the second chance, shoots from 14 meters of flat in the short corner. 2: 2!

It will be a tremendous victory of magic!

Reus' replacement (due to thigh pain only on the bench) adapts to Schulz in the middle – and makes 3: 2 (90.) with a low shot.

Captain Manuel Neuer: "If you get a goal after half the time, it's a shot for a young team. The final goal was very important."

For the mood towards the national team, which is likely to completely overthrow.

The surprising conversions of Löw (for the first time in more than a year and a half in the 3-5-2, Sané and Gnabry as quick tips) show how he can go in the future!

Jogi Löw is happy with the RTL study: "We fought and fought. The team did not lose faith in itself until the end."



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