“Nationalism endangers democracy in the EU” (new-deutschland.de)

Carles Puidgemont

Carles Puidgemont

Photo: dpa / Wolfgang Kumm

The Catalan politician Carles Puigdemont wants to “put the right to self-determination on the European agenda” in the event of success in the EU election. That said the top candidate of the Alliance Junts per Catalunya / LLiures per Europe (Together for Catalonia / Free for Europe) the “nd”.

Despite the Spanish arrest warrant, the fact that Spanish electoral law requires MEPs to swear by the Spanish constitution at the beginning of their mandate in Madrid does not deprive the Spanish politician of arrest: »Imagine that European law allows I run for a German party for the European Parliament without having German citizenship. Would I have to swear on the German constitution in case of an election? No. Therefore: I have no doubt that I can work as a Member of the European Parliament if I am elected. “

He sees democracy in the European Union “endangered by populism, by xenophobia, by state nationalism, which always goes against the minorities, not only in Spain.” For Puigdemont, the right of self-determination is “a very useful instrument for ensuring peace in the EU”. His reasoning: »The right to self-determination prevents conflicts preventively. It allows all parties to sit at a dialogue table to avoid peace processes. For peace processes do not exist until the conflicts have escalated. Then it's already too late. “

Regarding the Catalan conflict in Spain, he continues to talk with the Catalan independence movement: “We always keep the door open for dialogue. And we are waiting for the political situation in Spain to improve, so that this dialogue will be possible. “

Puigdemont sees Spain's Social Democrat Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in his formation of government in Zugzwang: “The question is, he forms them with ultranationalist Spanish parties that stand for the regression of democracy in Europe as the Ciudadanos (citizens), or he opens to the reformist left who is ready to accept the right of self-determination. « nd

Read the full interview in the current issue of nd.DIEWOCHE

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