NATO bases in Finland are a threat to Russia

Finland, which until now has remained militarily neutral, now – together with Sweden – is trying to join NATO because of fears that Russia might invade Ukraine as it did on February 24, sparking the biggest armed conflict in Europe since the end of World War II.

The Russian ambassador to Finland, Pavel Kuznetsov, said on Monday that the official accession of Finland to NATO (the process began at the end of June – ed.) Does not pose a direct threat to Russia, but Moscow has concerns about the deployment of allied infrastructure and heavy weapons on Finnish territory.

As emphasized by the ambassador, he expects Finnish political and military leaders to “understand all too well that such events will not be in Finland’s best interests.” At the same time, he questioned the ability of Finns to make independent decisions regarding their own security after joining NATO.

Finland has one of the strongest artillery in Europe

Today, Finland is the only non-NATO country in the European Union that borders Russia (the border is 1,300 km long). In recent years, the Finnish army has built one of the strongest artillery in Europe and equipped itself with cruise missiles with a range of up to 370 km. He spends 2 percent on defense. GDP, which is more than many NATO countries – points out the Reuters agency.

A nation of 5.5 million people can put 280,000 in combat. professional soldiers, from 870 thousand. trained reservists. Finland did not abolish conscription for men, as many other Western nations did after the end of the Cold War.

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According to a poll conducted in mid-May, 82 percent. The Finns declared their readiness to defend the country should it be attacked.

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