NATO has completed its military mission in Afghanistan after almost 20 years

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has quietly ended its military mission in Afghanistan after almost 20 years. The DPA agency informed about it on Friday, referring to sources from diplomacy and army circles. The troops, who are still in Afghanistan and come from alliance countries such as the United States or Turkey, are now fully subject to national command, according to the agency.

The NATO mission in the country was launched following the attacks of 11 September 2001 on a pair of World Trade Center skyscrapers in New York and the Pentagon at the request of the United States to prevent the spread of terrorism from Afghanistan. From 2003 to 2014, NATO led the International Security Assistance Force in the country, which at the time of its peak boom numbered over 130,000 troops. ISAF was subsequently replaced by a new non-combat Alliance mission, Resolute Support, to train Afghan security forces.

He announced his departure from NATO in April. According to the DPA, one of the reasons why the de facto termination of the military mission has not yet been officially announced may be the fact that the US national mission is still present in Afghanistan. But US President Joe Biden recently said that the Americans would withdraw by the end of August. He originally spoke of 9/11.

On Monday, the United States approached to end its service when the country’s highest-ranking member of the US military, General Scott Miller, handed over command to General Frank McKenzie, headquartered in the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa (CENTCOM ) in Florida.

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The United States agreed to withdraw its troops from the Taliban insurgent country in February last year, provided that the rebels ensure that Afghanistan does not become a base for attacks on the United States and its allies. According to the AP, the Taliban seems to be complying with this part of the agreement so far, but has recently significantly strengthened its influence and control over the territories.

At the end of June, the last 12 Czech soldiers returned to the Czech Republic with material from the Alliance mission in Afghanistan. Since 2002, 11,500 Czech soldiers have participated in the mission, 14 of whom perished.


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