NATO is strengthening the security of the Baltic States: additional capabilities are being transferred to Lithuania

NATO’s military capabilities in the Baltic Sea region have been strengthened since January. This week, the Danish Parliament made a decision to send four additional F-16 fighter jets to Lithuania and to deploy a military frigate HDMS Peter Willemoe in the Baltic Sea with a crew of 160 soldiers.

The fighters of the Royal Danish Air Force will strengthen the NATO Baltic Air Police mission from Šiauliai from the end of January, the Lithuanian Armed Forces reported in a press release. In addition, the HDMS frigate Peter Willemoe will be on duty as part of the NATO Standing Naval Forces. This frigate, parts of which were built in Lithuania and Estonia in 2009-2010, is armed with anti-aircraft, anti-ship systems, cannons and is one of the most powerful ships in the Danish navy.

The decision to strengthen NATO’s capabilities in the Baltic States was taken in response to growing tensions at Ukraine’s borders and to strengthen the security of NATO’s eastern allies, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and to deter potential threats.

The intention to strengthen the security of the Eastern Alliance should Russia open military action against Ukraine has already been confirmed and JAV and NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg.

Since the end of November last year, the NATO Air Policing Mission has been led by the Polish Air Force with four F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters.

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