NATO is strengthening the security of the Baltic States, additional fighter jets are being deployed in Lithuania

From the end of January, the fighters of the Royal Danish Air Force will strengthen the NATO Baltic Air Police mission from Šiauliai.

The HDMS Peter Willemoe frigate will be on duty at the NATOangl. NATO Standing Naval Forces).

The decision to strengthen NATO’s capabilities in the Baltic States was taken in response to growing tensions at Ukraine’s borders and to strengthen the security of NATO’s eastern allies, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and to deter potential threats.

Since the end of November last year, the NATO Air Policing Mission has been led by the Polish Air Force with four F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters.

Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod says the decision “sends a strong signal that Denmark has a shared responsibility for the Alliance’s collective security.”

“Together with NATO, we are ready for a constructive dialogue with Russia in order to find possible diplomatic solutions, but we must take precautions: the dialogue must go hand in hand with the Alliance’s continued security protection,” Kofod was quoted as saying by the Danish Ministry of Defense.

The Ministry of Defense states that four fighter jets with 70 soldiers in Lithuania should complete the mission in about three months. A frigate is deployed for a similar period.

Western countries fear the mobilization of Russian forces at Ukraine’s borders and accuse Moscow of planning to invade its neighbor this winter. According to the West, up to 100 thousand people are concentrated at the Ukrainian border. Russian soldiers.

Moscow claims the military’s maneuvers are a response to NATO’s growing involvement in its area of ​​influence. Russia is also categorically demanding that the Western military alliance not be extended beyond its borders.

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