NATO is Stronger than Ever


US President Joe Biden with US Vice President Kamala Harris (left), Swedish Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter (second right) and Finnish Ambassador Mikko Hautala, during the signing of the ratification of two countries to join NATO in Washington, August 9, 2022. Photo/REUTERS

WASHINGTON – The President of the United States (US) Joe Biden officially approved the applications of Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

He said the new members would make NATO even stronger. Biden vowed to challenge Russia and “autocrats” who threaten the “rules-based order.”

Speaking moments before signing the US instrument of ratification for the Nordic countries’ NATO membership on Tuesday (9/8/2022), Biden praised the US-led military alliance.

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He claimed NATO had kept Americans safe and served as “the cornerstone of our security around the world.”

“Our alliance is closer than ever. It was more united than before. And when Finland and Sweden bring the number of allies to 32, we will be stronger than ever,” the US president said.

He added, “Both countries have strong democratic institutions, strong militaries and a strong and transparent economy and will meet every requirement of NATO.”

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Spurred on by Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Finland and Sweden decided to join NATO after decades of neutrality. The two countries formally applied for membership in May.

The bloc quickly accepted the request, with Washington and other key member states pledging to agree to their offer as soon as possible.

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