Natti Natasha fascinates with her sensuality in a music video "Like" after being filtered – The FM


the Dominican singer Natti Natasha continues to fascinate his followers with his waste of sensuality in each of the videos in which it appears. Now, in your new one Song & # 39; I like & # 39; surprised by a futuristic dress that reveals its slim body.

Two days after the video was posted on YouTube, he already did it more than three million views positioning itself in position 10 of the trends in the musical platform.

Natti Natasha is that there is no room for happiness even though it was a bit low because the the video was not released the day it was scheduled because the song was leaked, what forced the producer Pina Record to anticipate the launch.

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"I've just been informed that the song" Like "has been filtered so that my team is working to deliver YouTube videos in its best quality," said Natti Natasha, hours before posting the video.

His team worked quickly as he announced and finished the video to spread it on all digital platforms.

Through her social networks, Natti Natasha thanked all those who collaborated on her new topic, in particular Daddy Yankee for that "aggressive closure".



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