Natural Gas Futures Price –



1 mmbtu

  • Prev close: 1,699
  • Opening: 1,698
  • Days range: 1,6961,710


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  • 1 month
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  • 1 year
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Title Ticker Price Rev. % Volume Time
ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas Boil 41.46 -13.32% 127.08K 12/05
iPath Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex Total Return Gazzf 0,0200 0.00% 101.03K 12/05
ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Natural Gas KOLD 53.53 + 13.84% 83.26K 12/05
UBS E-TRACS Alerian Natural Gas MLP MLPG 9.18 -1.45% 5.20K 12/05
A type 5 minutes 15 minutes 1 hour 1 day 1 month
Chipping medium Neutral Sell Actively sell Actively sell Actively sell
Those. indicators Buy Actively sell Actively sell Actively sell Actively sell
Summary Neutral Actively sell Actively sell Actively sell Actively sell

Customize table:

Model A period of time Reliability X candles back Time
Completed Models
Three black crows 1M 4 Jan ‘twenty
Doji star bearish 1W 4 04/12/2020
Three outside down fifteen 4 05/12/2020 23:00
Engulfing bearish fifteen 5 05/12/2020 22:45
Engulfing bearish 1M 6 Nov ‘nineteen

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