Natural solution from Turkish scientists to Kovid! It destroys the virus in an hour

Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gülgün Dilek Arman claimed that the nutritional supplement containing pomegranate peel extract neutralized the coronavirus in one hour in the laboratory environment.

According to a new study conducted in Turkey, nutritional supplement containing pomegranate peel extract inactivate coronavirus; It has been confirmed in the laboratory that it also destroys viruses such as MERS and SARS.

Infectious Diseases and Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gülgün Dilek Arman spoke assertively about the research and said, “There is a study that was concluded very soon and was carried out under laboratory conditions. This was done by a very valuable accredited institution in our country.

In the study, it was shown that the cells infected with coronavirus in the cell culture, which we call vero cells, are very easily infected, when they encounter the pomegranate peel extract solution, the cells are killed in one hour, while not damaging the uninfected cells. “


Explaining that the study was shown on bacteria, Prof. Dr. Gülgün Dilek Arman said, “In addition to pomegranate peel extract, the product contains turmeric and ginger.

Previous studies on bacteria show that the effects of these plants alone are 24 to 42 percent effective, while these plants show an effect of over 80 percent when they come together. In addition, these components protect the body’s natural immunity by increasing lysozyme secretion in saliva.


Stating that a research has been carried out on the effects of these substances on humans in Italy, Prof. Dr. Arman said:

“When using this product, which is formulated with a mixture of pomegranate peel extract, ginger and turmeric for 2 weeks, 3 times a day, it was observed that cold cases developed less, the cases that developed ended in a shorter time, and the complications were less.

We may have the possibility to combine it with a laboratory sign. In the study on coronavirus, it is seen that the PCR test turns negative in 3 hours when used with the recommendation of applying 3 times a day, especially in coronavirus positive patients.

Therefore, this Kovid-19 factor shows that there is an activity within the organism also in the microorganism. This is not a product that is already swallowed, it is enough to keep it in the mouth. When we consider the main transmission routes, we see the effect of killing the virus in the mouth, which is the main entrance gate. “

22/03/2021 19:17

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