Naucalpan fights against breast cancer

The municipal president of Naucalpan, Patricia Durán Reveles, started the campaign Women’s Health, which will provide free assessments to women in the municipality, in order to prevent and detect cases of breast cancer in time.

The start of the campaign took place in Satellite Square, where a module was installed in which mammography tests are performed.

“As I have said on the occasion of the pandemic by Covid-19: let’s not lower our guard. We must not skimp on preventive measures when it comes to health.

“We need each other alive, we need each other healthy and strong to continue promoting social progress,” said Mayor Moreno.

Breast cancer is the most common malignant tumor among women in the world. In Mexico it represents the leading cause of cancer death in women.

In recent years, the number of deaths caused by this disease has increased rapidly, mainly due to the delay in the start of treatment.



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