Nauseda and her family have broken self-isolation

Information that the coronavirus test was negative for a clerk was received on Saturday evening.

Most of the president’s office staff will return to their jobs on Monday. In turn, an employee who has had contact with a person infected with the coronavirus will work remotely until August 17.

The premises of the President’s Chancellery were disinfected on Friday.

Due to the recent deterioration of the epidemiological situation in Lithuania, visitors to the President’s Chancellery will have to wear face masks from Monday and the temperature will be measured with a non-contact thermometer. When meeting with visitors, masks will also have to be worn by office staff.

Nauseda and his family have already been reported to have been in solitary confinement since Friday, as a member of the president’s office had been in contact with a man who was later found to be infected with the coronavirus.

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