Nazi Greeting: Acquittal for goalkeeper of Crystal Palace because he knew nothing about Nazis


Because he did not know anything about Nazism, goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey was escaped from the premiere league club Crystal Palace a penalty by the English Football Association FA. The 32-year-old was charged after a picture appeared on social media showing him the Nazi salute. The photo was taken by his team-mate, the former Schalke Max Meyer, at a team dinner in January and then posted on Instagram.

In a hearing in early April, Hennessey was acquitted. He did not know what the Nazi salute was, the Welshman had justified. “As unlikely as this may seem to our older generation, we do not reject this allegation as untrue,” wrote the FA panel in the now published grounds for discontinuing the procedure.

Nazi Greeting: “Mr. Hennessey should become familiar with events”

In fact, Hennessey's interview, “a very large – you could even say unfortunate – level of ignorance of everything that has to do with Hitler, fascism and the Nazi regime has shown,” it said. The panel members appealed to the professional in the written justification: “All we would say (at the risk of sounding patronizing) is that Mr. Hennessey would be well advised to familiarize himself with events for those who live in a free country are still of great importance. “

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