Sport NBA: 9 revelations from the Netflix documentary about Michael...

NBA: 9 revelations from the Netflix documentary about Michael Jordan – basketball

This series was a slam dunk!

“The last dance”, the Netflix documentary about the career of basketball idol Michael Jordan (57), has been in the top 10 of the streaming service for weeks.

But what did the audience experience in the ten episodes? BILD summarizes the nine most important revelations:

Coke in the NBA

Jordan recalls the beginning of his first season with the Chicago Bulls: “It was in a hotel. I was looking for my teammates. And then knocked on a door. I met almost the whole team in the room. And saw things I had never seen as a young man. Lines in one corner, hashish smokers in the other and women were there too. I’ll be right out. From that point on I was more or less on my own … “

He didn’t want to go to Nike

Hard to imagine today – but at the beginning of his career, Jordan hoped for a shoe contract with Adidas. But Nike had also invited him for talks. He was not interested, had to be persuaded by his mother to fly to Oregon: “She said I should listen to that. Even if I don’t like what they had to say to me in the end. It forced me to get on the plane and listen to the offer. ”The offer: A five-year contract for $ 500,000 and my own shoe. His father urged Michael to sign. Michael signed. Also because Adidas couldn’t keep up. Over the five years, Nike sold $ 126 million in Jordan shoes. To date, Nike has earned well over $ 1.3 billion in products.

The phrase “Republicans also buy sneakers” is really his

In 1990, Democrats in Jordan’s North Carolina homeland hoped for his support in the election campaign. Harvey Gantt should win the Senate seat against Republican incumbent Jesse Helms. Gantt had noticed African-Americans, while Helms had noticed racist comments. Jordan donated to the Gantt campaign, but was reluctant to make public statements. For many years it was puzzled whether during this time he really justified his silence with “Republicans also buy sneakers”. In the documentary he comments: “The quote is correct. I said it jokingly on the team bus. I was just an athlete, not a politician. I focused on basketball. Was it selfish? Probably.”

He ended the Dennis Rodman sex party with Carmen Electra

It is known that Dennis Rodman (59) was the “bad boy” of the Bulls. Likewise, that he was in a relationship with actress Carmen Electra. A story that Jordan tells in the third episode is rather unknown: During the 1997/98 season, the Bulls leave Rodman free for 48 hours so that he can clear his head. With Carmen, he flies to Las Vegas, making a lot of noise.

When he is not back in training days later, Jordan suffices. He walks into Rodman’s Chicago apartment and drags his teammate into the hall: “I won’t tell where he was and who was in his bed.” He doesn’t need either. Carmen Electra took over: “There was a knock on the door. Michael Jordan! He shouldn’t see me like that, so I threw on a few blankets and hid behind the couch. “About her time with Rodman, she once said:” It was definitely a professional risk to be with him. It was wild. “

The last conversation with his father changed the sports world

On July 23, 1993, Michael Jordan’s father James († 56) was murdered by two men who tried to steal his car. In the 7th episode of “The last dance” Michael tells of her last conversation: “I told him that I was thinking about ending my basketball career and playing baseball. We discussed that. He then said ‘do it, do it’ because he brought me to baseball when I was a child. ”A few months later he informed the Bulls officials of his decision. Until his return to the Bulls in 1995, he played for the Birmingham Barons, a Chicago White Sox farm team.

Final victory as revenge for the opponent coach

Michael Jordan was always best when it became personal. If he had an enemy image, he was at his best in the field. That’s what Seattle coach George Karl (69) had to experience in the 1996 season’s final series.

His mistake? He was in the same restaurant as Jordan just before the first final. And ignored him. Jordan: “The bastard just ran past me. That was all I needed. And it became personal between him and me. ”Result: Chicago wins the first three games, Jordan scores an average of 31 points. In the end, the series goes 4-2 to Chicago.

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Photo: JACK SMITH / AP Photo / dpa

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Pippen has to support Jordan after the “Flu Game”Photo: JACK SMITH / AP Photo / dpa

He was playing with food poisoning

Game 5 of the 1997 final series was previously considered Jordan’s “Flu Game”. With severe flu symptoms, Michael struggled through the 48 minutes, scoring 38 points in the Bulls’ 90:88 win in Utah.

In the 9th episode of “The last dance” comes out: It was food poisoning. Jordan got hungry at night and ordered a pizza from the delivery service: “Then I woke up around 2:30 and had to vomit.” At 3:00 the team doctor came and found Michael trembling in bed. And just a few hours later, he played one of the greatest games in his career.

He wrote a poem to his teammates

The Chicago Bulls dynasty ended in 1998. Coach Phil Jackson (74) had to leave, Jordan ended his career for the second time. Scottie Pippen (54) was sent to the Houston Rockets, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr (54) were also about to jump. So Jackson called his heroes for the last time and asked them to write down what they had to say to their teammates. To everyone’s surprise, Jordan recited a self-written poem. One that moved her to tears. Jackson: “We never thought that he had such deep feelings.” Unfortunately, the content has not survived.

A secret was only revealed after the documentary started

Since the first episode, many viewers of “The last dance” have been wondering what drink Jordan has in the glass that is always next to him during the interview. ESPN journalist Ramona Shelburne knows the answer:

It is Cincoro tequila in which Jordan is involved. The “extra anejo” variety costs $ 1,800. Per bottle.



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