NBA: Donovan Mitchell reacts to Rudy Gobert extension

He Utah Jazz signed to Rudy Gobert with a massive spread on Sunday morning, making him the third highest paid player in the NBA.

After the extension of Gobert, Donovan Mitchell gave his reaction to his teammate’s agreement after they both had a slight problem last season.

During last season’s COVID-19 situation, Rudy Gobert was the first known player in the NBA to test positive for the virus. He also downplayed the virus, prompting Mitchell to also test positive for COVID-19, causing Mitchell to become angry and jeopardize the duo’s relationship.

Donovan Mitchell’s words after Gobert’s extension:

“Is big. I’m excited for him and I told him so. … We are fine. It’s over. It has happened to us. It is hard to believe that it is still the same year (in which everything happened) ”.

Despite the shaky relationship the duo had earlier this year, Mitchell said their relationship is much better on and off the court right now with Rudy Gobert.

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