NBA | Michael Jordan wants Gordon Hayward, who was going to sign with Indiana Pacers

Gordon Hayward had enough time to think about his future in the NBA after being eliminated against the Miami Heat, but it wasn’t enough. So when the Boston Celtics made the request to delay the decision, the outlook was not looking good for the franchise and everything indicated that we had already attended Gordon’s last game in Boston.

The intention of the Celtics, in the first instance, it was for Hayward to make use of his $ 34 million million dollar player option for the following season and keep it. However, once the player showed his intentions to leave, the second negotiation became to offer her a contract for several years, an issue that has not been defined.

While it was not even 24 hours after the start of free agency, it is clear that Hayward will not continue playing for the Celtics, unless Boston offers him a good financial contract for several years. Meanwhile, It was revealed that the forward’s favorite fate lies with the Indiana Pacers, but so is the Charlotte Hornets with Michael Jordan leading the way.

Gordon Hayward wants to play for Indiana Pacers

Shams Charania, one of the best-informed journalists in the NBA, revealed that Hayward is fully focused on playing for Indiana in the upcoming season: “Gordon Hayward is completely focused and wants to sign a deal with the Pacers”revealed. Surely, the Eastern Conference franchise offered just what you were asking for.

When it seemed that everything was ready, Michael Jordan appeared in Gordon’s path. The owner of Charlotte Hornets wants to take him to the franchise to do an interesting duet with LaMelo Ball: “The Hornets are expected to make an effort to try to get Gordon Hayward in free agency.” USA Today reported. As the hours go by, the player must make a decision, although it will not be easy.


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