NBA spokesperson: if players don’t get vaccinated, they won’t be able to get paid for absentee games.

Original Title: NBA Spokesperson: Players cannot be paid for absenteeism if they are not vaccinated

September 30, Beijing time, a report from the famous reporter of “The Athletic” Samas Chalanya said that NBA spokesman Mike Bass said that he was absent from the game due to non-vaccinations or non-compliance with local vaccination regulations. Players, they won’t get paid for absent matches.

Chalanya followed up and reported that both New York and San Francisco have requirements for players to be vaccinated at home games. The teams involved include the Nets, Knicks and Warriors.

At this stage, star players such as Kyrie Irving of the Nets, Andrew Wiggins of the Warriors, and Bradley Beal of the Wizards have not been vaccinated. If Irving and Wiggins insist not to vaccinate, they will not be allowed to participate in the new season’s home games.

According to San Francisco epidemic prevention regulations, if Wiggins is not vaccinated, he will not be able to enter the Warriors home court after October 13. New York City’s health and safety agreement stipulates that any player who refuses to be vaccinated will miss all 41 home games of the team unless the above-mentioned religious or medical exemption is granted.

Irving did not participate in the media day of the new season. Both he and Wiggins said in an interview that whether or not to vaccinate is a private matter, so they refused to answer related questions.

During the telephone connection on Tuesday, Irving said: “I want to keep these things secret. Living in the public eye, everyone has a lot of questions about this, but I want to treat these things as my own personal business.”

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Wiggins’ attitude is, “It’s none of your (reporter) business, it’s my business, not yours. Anything related to my identity and vaccines is a private matter, so I have to keep it confidential. No matter what. What’s the matter, no matter whether you get the vaccine or not, who knows. I will continue to fight for my faith, and my faith is correct.”

Just a day ago, Bass informed ESPN that the players union had rejected any request for vaccination.Return to Sohu to see more


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