NBA, Steph Curry wins the 3-point contest at All Star Game 2021. Video

Phenomenal performance by Steph Curry in the three-point shot match. After scoring 31 points in the first round (new competition record), the Golden State Warriors star put 28 in the final, surpassing the 27 of a great Mike Conley at the very last ball. For Curry it is the second career victory in the 3-Point Contest, dedicating it to the injured Klay Thompson

It is for performance like that of Steph Curry that you stay up at night to watch the NBA All-Star Game. The two-time MVP has achieved a sensational test in the three-point shooting competition, conquering his second career victory after that in 2015 with a comeback to the last breath against a great Mike Conley, who had scored 27 points in the final round. After a slow start, Curry picked up the pace in the second carriage and shifted gears in the last two, scoring both 3-point “Green Balls” and then eight of the last ten shots for win the challenge with the latest “Money Ball” and climb to 28.

A great Mike Conley: 28 in the first round and 27 in the final

However, it remains there great proof of Mike Conley, on his first appearance in the All-Star Game after being cast as a replacement for the injured Devin Booker. The Utah Jazz point guard had managed to score 28 points in the first round (breaking Devin Booker’s record from last year), but even on that occasion he had been overtaken by the super Curry of the Atlanta night.

Curry’s historic performance on the first lap

In the initial round, in fact, Steph Curry closed with a resounding 31, simply the best performance ever in the three-point shooting competition, giving the feeling of do not even touch the retina of the basket of the State Farm Arena. After the win Curry has dedicated success to his “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson, which will remain out all season after the Achilles tendon ruptures.


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