NCAA accuses Kansas of “gross and gross” recruitment violations

The charges are so serious and complex that the NCAA asked an independent group to try the case.

In a 92-page document, the university league details the violations in any case “Blatant and severe” committed by the University of Kansas in recruitment, with the help of Adidas.

The German equipment supplier, who signed college for $ 196 million over 14 years in April 2019, was at the center of the investigation, consultant T.J. Gassnola having paid bribes to encourage high school students to join the Jayhawks. 90,000 dollars would have been given to the mother of Billy Preston and 20,000 dollars to the mentor of Silvio De Sousa, in order to release him from an engagement with Maryland, sponsored by Under Armor …

$ 15,000 was also paid to Deandre Ayton’s mother, but he preferred to join Arizona.

Kansas’s side said the team’s coach Bill Self was unaware of the payments, saying the Adidas employees were acting on their own, hiding him from college.

Who is responsible ?

But for the NCAA, it is clear that the coach and his first assistant, Kurtis Townsend, “accepted and encouraged” Adidas employees and consultants to influence high-level recruits to sign with Kansas. Were they formally aware of the payments? Impossible to say, but they closed their eyes at best.

“With regard to the allegations relating to men’s basketball, very few facts are disputed”, assures the university league. “The university does not dispute that Adidas and its employee and consultant provided at least $ 100,000 to the families of three male basketball students / athletes that the institution recruited. Bill Self, the head coach of the men’s basketball team, and Kurtis Townsend, the assistant coach of the men’s basketball team, do not dispute the numerous contacts of Adidas and its representatives with prospects, and that they regularly contacted Adidas representatives regarding the recruitment of these prospects. Where the parties disagree with the NCAA, however, is on the key issue of liability. They claim that Adidas and four of its employees or consultants are not representatives of the university’s sporting interests, arguing that the analysis of the personnel responsible for applying the university regulations is unprecedented, unprecedented and never envisaged before by NCAA members ”.

Liability will therefore be a key issue, with Kansas facing stiff penalties if Bill Self and his first assistant are tried on payments, or should have been able to prevent them.

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