NCsoft files a trademark application for ‘Battle Crush’

NCsoft (CEO Taek-Jin Kim) has applied for a trademark right for ‘Battle Crush’, which is presumed to be a new title. Patent application is the stage of applying for trademark recognition. After that, the Patent Office proceeds with examination and publication.

On the 2nd, NC applied for the ‘Battle Crush’ trademark as product classifications 9, 41, and 42. All of these product categories are numbers related to general video game products.

‘Project R’ is the most likely game to be ‘Battle Crush’ among the project stage games released by NC. ‘Project R’ is a mobile platform-based action battle royale genre. A competitor with similar gameplay is ‘Smash Legend’ developed by 5min Lab under Krafton.

▲ ‘Project R’ presumed to be ‘Battle Crush’

However, in the case of the ‘Battle Crush’ title, a single domestic developer has already released a game with that title. One-man developer ldso released ‘Battle Crush’ in March 2019. The current game update has been suspended due to the developer’s circumstances, but the service continues. ldso’s ‘Battle Crush’ recorded over 5,000 downloads on Google Play.

If NC wants to release a new title as ‘Battle Crush’, it needs to be sorted out as the trademark application date is later than that of ldso’s game.

An NCsoft official said, “There is nothing that can be confirmed about ‘Battle Crush’ at this stage.”

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