NCsoft’s Lineage W game major regions released actual video

NCsoft (CEO Taekjin Kim) released four world preview videos of the new multi-platform MMORPG ‘Lineage W’ on the 8th.

The world preview video released this time contains actual game scenes of major areas where you can adventure in ‘Lineage W’, such as ▲Gludio ▲Window ▲Talking Island ▲Fairy Forest, etc. You can watch it on ‘Lineage W’ official YouTube channel do.

‘Lineage W’ is conducting a character name preemption event on the official website. Since the start on September 30th, the number of people per world has been increased a total of 4 times. Users can predetermine the world, class, and character name. There is only one character name in the world (12 servers).

NCsoft’s ‘Lineage W’ will start its global service on November 4th.

Seo Dong-min, reporter for Game Talk

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