Nebenzya has criticized the use of the drone drone

MOSCOW, May 24 – RIA News. Permanent representative of Russia at the UN Vasily Nebenzya, speaking in the Security Council of the organization, expressed concern about the growing practice of using drone drones to fight terrorists. Transcription of his speech published on the website of the Russian Permanent Mission.

Difficulties in the control of these devices lead to civilian victims, the permanent representative observed, citing the situation in Afghanistan as an example.

"The concern is caused both by the death of civilians and the psychological stress that the civilian population lives under the constant threat of destructive missile attacks," the diplomat said.

At the same time, Nebenzia stressed that terrorist activity should be suppressed with the help of "reasonable and proportional force".

The attack drones in the fight against terrorists are actively used by the United States, as well as their NATO allies in Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan. The use of drones often leads to the death of civilians.



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