Nedvěd was acquitted in court, and manipulation of the accounts was not proven

Innocent, Pavel Nedvěd, vice president of Juventus Turin, heard in the courtroom. Andrea Agnelli, the club’s president, former sports director Fabio Paratici and members of the board of Juventus Turin, were also acquitted.

The triumphant smile spread on the faces of Aurelio de Laurentis, the president of Naples and representatives of other Italian Serie A and Serie B clubs.

This extensive case was dismissed in court on Tuesday and Thursday, and a verdict was available today. Its written copy with justification will be according to Gazzetta dello Sport available within a week. After studying it, the plaintiff decides whether to appeal against the verdict.

What was it all about? Last November, the financial police broke into the offices of Juventus Turin and took a lot of documents, either in paper or electronic form. Subsequently, the prosecutor’s office filed charges against the club’s top officials, including Pavel Nedvěd, Vice President Juventus.

According to the plaintiff, Nedvěd should have been involved in the alleged manipulation of players’ prices, in particular in their exchanges with other clubs. This is because, according to the prosecutor’s office, the price of these players was artificially increased, which then generated higher capital income in accounting. However, such an adjustment was advantageous, for example, in evaluating UEFA regulation known as Financial Fair Play.

In this context, reference was made, for example, to the transaction with Barcelona, ​​when the clubs exchanged players Miralem Pjanič and Brazilian midfielder Arthur. Similarly, the police and prosecutors have interpreted a number of other contracts and transfer documents.

The accused were then the persons who were signed under the contracts, including the highest representatives of Juventus, among whom Pavel Nedvěd, a former player of the club, belongs. The prosecutor’s office of other clubs, whose representatives also appeared in court, followed a similar procedure.

However, the court ruled that the evidence gathered was not sufficient to prove the offense from which the plaintiff Nedvěd et al. vinyl.

Pavel Nedvěd is a former famous football player. He completed 91 matches in the national team jersey, won silver at the 1996 European Championships and bronze at the 2004 Continental Championships.

In Italy, Lazio Rome and Juventus wore jerseys. In 2003, he won the prestigious Golden Ball poll from France Football magazine.

In 2010 he joined the management of Juventus Turin and five years later he was appointed vice president of the club.

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