Nedvěd’s nerves snapped. Upon leaving the locker room, the referee vulgarly attacked

Petr Nedvěd, the former national team defender and brother of the current general manager of the national team, filled the judges with vulgarities, which the disciplinary commission of the Czech Ice Hockey Association, led by Josef Řezníček, did not go unnoticed.

Behavior of Nedvěd, who as a player won two extra-league titles with Sparta and has 17 starts for the Czech Republic and Czechoslovak national team, entered the notes of the match between Letňany and Most, played on November 17, the main referee Jakub Zeliska.

Photo: Petr Hloušek, Právo

Brothers Petr (left) and Jaroslav Nedvědová.Photo: Petr Hloušek, Right

It states that Nedvěd was given a personal penalty for attacking the referees at 60:00, ie after the end of the match. At the end of the match, after crossing the ice rink into the locker room, he said to Zelisko, who stood in the referees’ circle: “You take off those stripes, you’re crazy. You are Czech, “reads the minutes.

Subsequently, Nedvěd joined the line judge Jakub Maňák. “You guys, you will touch me one more time and I will kill you,” it is stated in the minutes, that there was no contact between either line judge and head coach Letňany.

The disciplinary commission has now decided to impose a five-thousand-dollar fine on Nedvěd, as well as a one-month suspension with a probationary period until the end of April next year. She also took into account the mitigating circumstances that Nedvěd had never done a similar behavior in his coaching career.

“The coach’s actions are considered by the disciplinary commission to be completely inadmissible and it is also appropriate to remember that the coach should be a role model for his charges and is obliged to behave disciplined, not undermine authority or otherwise undermine the role of referees , “the disciplinary stated in the reasons for her decision.


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