Need to improve the call quality of the Gotjawal and Oreum sections of the Olle road

It was pointed out that the call quality needs to be improved on the Olle trails around Gotjawal and Oreum.

Jeju Radio Management Center (Director Choi Hyun-ho) announced on the 15th that this result was found as a result of conducting a second round of call quality surveys for all sections of Olle by forming a mobile phone quality investigation team on Ollegil in March of last year and jointly with three mobile telecommunication companies.

As a result of the investigation, it was found that the section with poor call quality was found at 19 out of 13 courses, mostly concentrated in Gotjawal and Oreum, with lengths of 50 to 700 meters, respectively.

In consultation with Jeju Olle, the Jeju Radio Management Center will install a guide sign at the point where the call quality is poor and notify users. We plan to solve the inconvenience of calls for visitors to Olle.

Director Choi Hyun-ho said, “This investigation is to create a safe Olle trail by resolving the inconvenience of using Olle and preparing for emergencies. We will consult with Jeju Island to make it happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, data on poor call quality will be posted on the Jeju Olle website ( By Kim Bong-cheol

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