News Neighbors of La Florida and Puente Alto fight to...

Neighbors of La Florida and Puente Alto fight to eradicate garbage in front of their houses

Micro-garbage dumps have been a problem for years in several communes in the Metropolitan Region. In Puente Alto and La Florida, these days, a battle is being waged by some neighbors to eradicate a kind of illegal dump, one that is right on the border of both communes.

The desperate request of these residents is not only that the municipalities do the corresponding cleaning, but also that they intensify the control against the Always unscrupulous who come to leave debris illegally.

Jeannette Díaz is one of those affected, who lives just 20 meters from the area full of garbage. “Every day I have to live with this, with the bad smell “, claims.

The conflict starts geographically in one of the limits of Florida, and Puente Alto. In no less space that has been filled with debris, garbage and bad smell.

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The desperation of the neighbors is such that they themselves have tried to drive away other people who come to this corner to dump their waste. The inhabitants of this housing complex assure that they have been living with the unfortunate scenario for years.

Near this place, there is a site legally authorized to dump debris, but those who arrive here are the ones who They rightly don’t want to pay to get rid of their trash.

The impudence of some is so great that they have even arrived mobilized with cargo transport. “The other time we saw a truck that came to dump a large quantity of construction materials,” said Manuel Barrueto, who is another of the affected neighbors.

Mauricio Araya, also a resident of the condominiums, acknowledges that the situation is unsustainable: “Besides the bad smell that goes into the houses, there are the mice. Even further back there are homeless people who, when it was cold, set fire to generate toxic smoke that went to our houses ”.

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On the other hand, clandestine micro-garbage dumps generate, in addition to dirt, a source that attracts crime. A fact that has the neighbors afraid to walk through this place when it gets dark.

The municipalities involved are aware of this complaint and have assured that there will be changes. “With this pandemic, maybe we have not done our best, but we are going to resume according to the mayor’s instructions to continue monitoring. We hope to solve this problem as soon as possible, ”said Lorena Berrios, an official of the Municipality of Puente Alto.

While, Rodolfo Carter also had words for this problem: “We are going to worry tomorrow about starting the cleaning campaign in the third that corresponds to Florida. And we hope to sit down to talk with the municipality of Puente Alto, which will undoubtedly be interested ”.

The conversations of both communal chiefs are key for it to be reflected in a change and thus keep this place clean and, in turn, punish the offenders who come to leave their rubble accordingly, whose fines could range from $ 100,000 to $ 5 million.



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