Neighbors of San Bernardo paid an emotional tribute to Fabiola Campillai

As part of the commemoration of the first anniversary of the social outbreak, Neighbors of the 5 Pinos de San Bernardo Population held a demonstration in tribute to Fabiola Campillai outside her home.

The woman, who lost his eyes during a Carabineros operation when his face was hit by a tear gas canister, thanked the attendees, to whom he addressed with a microphone.

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“Thank you very much for your support. I want to ask you not to forget us people who have been victims of Human Rights crimes. The people who were supposed to take care of us today are our murderers, “he said.

Along the same lines, Campillai said that “We have a president who supports the police when they commit these crimes against the people, against humble people like us. Today there is no respect for people, we have seen him until a few weeks ago with the child who was thrown into the Mapocho. That they threw, because he never fell ”.

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“This has to go on. The only thing I ask of you is not to take risks, but we do continue with this because this country has to change, it has to be something else for our children, for our grandchildren and for all the future offspring of all of us. Thank you very much ”, he closed.


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