Neighbors of San Ramón demonstrate in Caletera de América Vespucio

This morning, Neighbors of the commune of San Ramón blocked the southern cove of Américo Vespucio, near La Bandera park with incendiary barricades.

In fact, around 07:30 in the morning, the situation forced detours in the sector, at the height of the San Ramón metro (L4A).

It is about the committee of relatives “All for a dream.” In conversation with radio ADN, its representative, Katherine Pino, indicated that The protest is due to the impossibility of managing a piece of land in the place, to establish their own houses. “They have not given us any solution. We have been in this for almost 9 years, “he said.

Strictly speaking, it is a land of 15 thousand square meters that today is occupied by a motor vehicle.

After the intervention of Carabineros personnel, the caletera was enabled for transit.

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