“Neither crazy, it doesn’t exist”: Rodrigo Lussich put Jorge Rial in trouble with a daring intimate question

Rodrigo Lussich he usually plays really funny songs through “Los Escandalones” from “Intrusos.” During today’s program of the gossip cycle, the journalist debated about the new girlfriend of Brad Pitt, Nicole Poturalski, who in turn is married to billionaire businessman Roland Mary. In the midst of this hilarious context, the panelist asked a daring question to Jorge Rial about his relationship with his wife Romina Pereiror. The presenter did not want to know anything.

“Is her ‘allowed’ Brad Pitt?” Asked Debora D’Amato. What Rodrigo Lussich He replied: “It seems so. Did you see when as a couple you say that your allowed is someone who is not even there? And suddenly you get it! ”He specified. Jorge Rial intervened there with a hilarious comment: “Sure, they always say Brad Pitt,” he said. After that, Lussich was encouraged to ask an unfiltered question to the driver of «Intruders»: “Do you have a permit with Romina?”

As expected, Jorge Rial did not want to know anything with his answer: “No, not crazy, it doesn’t exist, there’s no way,” he said. To which Lussich retorted to his companions: “Well, do you Pallares want to say something, you Guido?” He asked. However, the driver intervened to conclude the funny moment with a hilarious comment: “Maybe the guy is a jerk, I do not invite Brad Pitt to eat or fart!”, Said Rial, making it clear that he is somewhat jealous of his wife.

Furious critic from Jorge Rial to the new program produced by Marcelo Tinelli in El Trece

“Mujeres de El Trece”, the new program produced by Marcelo Tinelli in El Trece, did not get off on the right foot. It is that after Roxy Vázquez tested positive for coronavirus, now it was the turn of Claudia Fontán, another of the magazine’s conductors. The actress, who is in good health, is already isolated and the rest of her companions will have to undergo a swab. In the midst of this adverse scenario, Jorge Rial came out to criticize the new bet of the «Cabezón».

«Claudia Fontán tested positive for coronavirus. A protocol was activated for all #MujeresDelTrece conductors, who will be isolated. Roxy Vázquez, who was discharged on Friday, will be the driver. I insist: the emergency needs only emergency TV, “read the comment quoted by the host of” Intruders “on his Twitter profile. To which Jorge Rial added: «This is the problem of starting a new program. And this forced swabbing on Guido’s radio show. Domino effect ”, he sentenced, being lapidary.

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