Nelson Goetz drowns in the Ton in Saint-Léger (Saint-Léger)

A dramatic accident occurred this Tuesday in Saint-Léger. A young man drowned in the Ton.

It is a dramatic accident, one more, which occurred this Tuesday in Saint-Léger.

A young man from Battincourt, in his thirties, has indeed lost his life, namely Nelson Goetz, a man of 32 years. Her late dad was well known as a secondhand dealer in the region.

His body was found in the Ton, a river that flows just a few meters from Lake Conchibois.

Accustomed to Lake Conchibois, the young man had called his parents at the stroke of noon so that they bring him drinks for the afternoon.

When the mother arrived to bring him provisions, the young man was missing.

Divers from the Luxembourg rescue zone have started searching the lake. Without success. But at the stroke of 6 p.m., a lifeguard from the Lake, Thomas Simon, found the lifeless body of the young man, in the Ton, yet barely a few centimeters deep.

The victim’s papers and personal effects were still in their place, near the lake. The accidental track is privileged.

If the Lake was closed late Tuesday afternoon, by order of the police, it should nevertheless be open again from this Wednesday, even if the staff is very marked by this sad affair.

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